Principals Desk:

Every child is unique. The school and the curriculum will be a platform to harness the uniqueness. If only we hitch our wagon to a star we can atleast attain higher ends. To accomplish the higher aims and higher goals of students, we approach schooling in a holistic way, which is highly wholesome. Our strenuous effort will be to bring out the excellence in every child, there by transforming him/her into ideal, mature, strong, reflective and responsible personality of high self-esteem. In this corporate and cyber world school effort alone will not suffice. Good parenting efforts are also well desired. The integrated effort of talented and dedicated faculty contribute a lot for easy learning experiences. To empower younger minds with new perspectives, new innovations and new skills we focus in imparting quality education by inducing every student with a zeal to learn. Let the school and parents take a collective effort in achieving this venture.

Student Pursuits:

  • Consistent participation in elocution adds flair to proficiency. Oratory skill testing programmes are regular and systematic in SRKINS.
  • Artistic skill testing both entertains and harmonise children. Inherent talents despite their latency are polished and sharpened through our testing programmes.
  • Character emoting nurtures credence and self-reliance. Fancydress and monoactprogrammes paves way for it.
  • Abstract and high dimensional thinking adds intellect. We inculcate it through child friendly programmes.
  • Self motivated learning programmes giving ample scope for reliant preparation and content divergence with pivoted concept is another SRKINS venture. Seminar and Symposium sculpt up confident speaking, commucative and expressive skills.
  • Child friendly and career guiding indoor games both relieve and invigorate internal strength. SRKINS exceeds and excels here.
  • Systematic and regular dawdling of periodicals and magazines makes children both frisk and brisky. SRKINS cares for it.
  • Digital and wifi techniques add guaranty for academics. Soft skills are trained and polished at the kindergarden level.
  • Fieldtrips and educational camps generate obvious and palpable experience and promotes good insight.

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